10,000 square feet and 26 feet high, the new central plant provides power to support the expanded hospital services. Convenient, landscaped parking structure with five levels above ground and one subterranean level. 47 ft. to top of parapet. 750 spaces. Convenient and ample parking to support the hospital and second medical building. Five levels above ground and one subterranean level. 47 ft. to top of parapet. 579 spaces. Convenient parking to support outpatient services in medical building #3. Three levels above ground and one subterranean level. 278 spaces. If needed, this is the last parking improvement in the 15-year plan, with two subterranean levels and one on the surface. 316 spaces. This preserves the traditional “community tree.” New hospital wing has up to 120 beds including private maternity rooms, more operating rooms for our community and a rooftop helipad convenient to the ER. 125,363 sq. ft. and 85 ft. to top of parapet. Helipad to maintain<br /> life-saving trauma services. Half this building is reserved for hospital administrative and support services. 80,000 sq. ft. and 45.5 ft. to top of parapet. Twenty percent of this building is reserved for hospital centers of excellence.  60,000 sq. ft. and 45.5 ft. to top of parapet.  Per the current draft development agreement, proof of State submission of the hospital building plans (new hospital wing) will be given to the City before the building permit for MOB2 can be issued. This is the last medical office building in the fifteen-year plan, providing convenient space for new and growing outpatient services. 60,000 sq. ft. and 45.5 ft. to top of parapet. Per the current draft development agreement, the foundations of the hospital building (new hospital wing) will be substantially complete with "steel in the air" before the building permit for MOB3 can be issued. Proposed new trees for the beautification of our campus.

Updates & Status: Key Goals

New Intensive Care Unit Now Open

Expanded care for our most critically ill patients
August 24, 2010 marked the official opening of Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital’s new 18-bed Intensive Care Unit, an asset which will improve the Hospital’s capacity to care for the most critically ill and injured patients.
A life-saving improvement to the hospital, this new state-of-the-art ICU is a highly specialized unit with technologically-advanced equipment and a calming atmosphere to help patients severely impacted by trauma, disease or illness.
It will feature a more comfortable and private waiting area for patients’ families and friends, as well as a private family conference room and a dedicated elevator to allow easy access from the emergency department and the hospital’s imaging services. In addition, each patient room will have a window to bring the sense of the outdoors into the room and to compliment the natural décor.
Community support helped bring this much-needed addition to the Hospital to meet the growing demand for healthcare in the Santa Clarita Valley. This new Unit will help the Hospital save more lives and better care for the critically sick and/or injured.
New ICU highlights:
  • New, state-of-the-art trauma equipment and a comforting environment for patients
  • Specialized rooms with negative airflow to help control infections. 
  • Two rooms designed specifically to meet the comfort and safety needs of heavier patients.
  • Rooms designed with improved lighting and more accessibility to medical equipment behind the patient’s head, giving health care professionals another tool to provide better care.
  • Large windows to bring in the comfort and healthy benefits of natural light.
  • A family area within the room which includes a data center for laptop connections and Internet access while visiting at the hospital.
  • Private consultation rooms to meet with physicians and nurses.



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Increase ICU beds 50%
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